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When her father selected a deck of cards as his prize at a carnival shooting gallery, Simone was stunned by his boring choice. "It's a MAGIC deck of cards!" he told her. "I got it for you." Noting her enthusiasm for magic on television, he hoped to encourage her interest with this prize. And encourage it did. Using the deck and its instructions, Simone performed her first magic show at school assembly, aged 9, cementing her love of magic and performing from an early age. 

Years passed and magic faded away to make room for music fandom and seeing rock shows around the world which would be her focus for the next 20 years. But once the bands she followed had washed up, broken up and reunited again, so did

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Magic Castle audition night
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Simone with magic. In her thirties with a husband and child under her belt, what better time in one's life to pursue the not-at-all lucrative path of a magician?


Now living in Los Angeles, a far cry from Australia where she started, Simone was able to take classes at the world famous Magic Castle, a private club for magicians. She soon passed her audition to become a magician member and began performing both solo and as part of a rare female magic duo, Mystiki.



This is the longest bio I've ever written in the third person. The redness in my cheeks and the queasy feeling in my stomach caused by the embarrassment I feel is far from magical.


- Enomis Nyliram Nod,  longtime collaborator

 - Simone Marilyn Turkington

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