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Victory at the Alamo - Taking the Magic to San Antonio

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

I was delighted to finally make it out to Scott Pepper's venue in San Antonio, TX, The Magician's Agency. We had been in talks for over a year so it was nice to finally bring it all together.

Before the first show of the run on Friday, I was fortunate enough to stop in at the KSAT station for local infotainment show SA Live to chat with Mike and Fiona and perform a little magic for a teaser of what audiences could expect at the show.

Mike, FIona and Simone on SA Live

After shooting my segment, I set about for a walk along San Antonio's wonderful Riverwalk where someone recognized me from the show and gave me a "Great job!" My good work was soon rewarded as I stumbled upon a tiki bar, but with just a couple of hours until show time, I would have to come back after the show!

Being the start of the season, crowds were expected to be small, but I was delighted to find a much bigger than expected, but more importantly, a crowd brimming with enthusiasm! A small but vocal crowd can do a lot more than a large quiet one, but I was fortunate to have both.

Beyond the audience, which can always go both ways, I was lucky to be met by such a top notch team at the venue. It was just a few weeks ago I arrived at a venue where no-one knows what's supposed to happen or what others are doing. The Magicians Agency crew functioned like clockwork which makes for a very easy time for me and any performer.

It was also an absolute pleasure to work with Scott. He has a wealth of knowledge and gave me some excellent tweaks to my show, which I'm glad to say, some of which were applied over the weekend with results immediately felt. Polishing our shows is and endless task, which thankfully, I enjoy.

Shows aside, I really enjoyed the city and am keen to return to San Antonio next year.

Now I get a little time off and head down to Australia where I hope to commune with my hometown Melbourne magician, Richard Vegas and Julia Madotti. Richard recently lectured in Tokyo (and sadly I just missed him and Julia there!) so it will be nice collect some of that wisdom directly!

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